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We are a small friendly group in Cambridge who sing unaccompanied, mainly
Madrigals and Renaissance music.  We are looking for a few more to join us,
soprano and tenor particularly welcome.  We meet on alternate Wednesday
evenings in each other's houses.  For more information, please contact Jill
Smith on 01223 293436 or email to jsmith <AT> notjob.com.


Posted February 2014



Robin Rigby is very interested in hearing from
·       amateur actors who can sing and row alla veneta

·       amateur singers who can act and row alla veneta

·       rowers alla veneta who can act and sing.


The project is at the feasibility stage.  It could involve a week of study in Venice in 2017 or 2018, with a performance at the end but there are many less ambitious options, including something based around Oxford.  The music is a collection of Italian ‘harmonic madrigals’ from the early ‘600; much of it will be sung with one voice to a part.


Please contact Robin



Note:  The voga alla veneta is the Venetian style of rowing in which the rowers stand up and face forward. (Venetians rather turn up their noses at the voga all’inglese, the English style in which they sit down and go backwards.) Venetian rowing can be learned and practised in Oxford. Rowers from the club City Barge (www.city-barge.org) usually meet at Long Bridges boathouse at 9 am on a Saturday. There is also a collection of photographs at www.gondolier.org.uk.


There is still time for anyone to learn from scratch. The options might be

1.       Join City Barge and row with them on a Saturday

2.       Visit Venice: several rowing clubs offer tuition

3.       Row with Robin on the Medway, although not on a regular weekly basis.

Posted March 2016


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